Your gear is ready, are you ?
100 times a year, someone needs a hand.
If you don't answer the call, who will?
No experience is necessary.
Free training.
Will supply the best suit you will ever wear, BUNKERS

Applications being accepted for Paid-on Call Volunteers.
626 - 4 Street, Invermere, BC
(250) 342-3200


Training info.
As you can well understand training is an integral part of what we do
We have a training officer who provides and a structured and vital service which allows us to provide the best possible care to our public. Aside from being a nice guy, Jason provides an in depth and detailed understanding of what is needed and  and using ever changing technologies, Jason finds the means to deliver the programs effectively. With the collaboration of other departments and the support of team leaders and fire chiefs, they are always changing and updating. By utilizing this flexible model, the training  supplied at Invermere is some of the best you can get.

Volunteer Opportunities
This fire service is open to both men and women, age 19 or more, who are in good physical condition, live in the District of Invermere, possess a valid driver’s license and have a desire to help their neighbours. Invermere Fire Rescue is accepting applications, and training is provided.

A recruiting package has been included for your review before applying. This package has been set up to provide you with some information to help you understand the commitment you are facing.
Being a volunteer firefighter brings personal reward and satisfaction, builds team spirit, and develops leaders. There is no greater reward then helping your neighbour through the most difficult period of their lives, and you will touch many lives. Come down to the fire hall, see what we are about, and try on the best suit you will ever wear, Bunkers.

New Members Outline

As a volunteer based department we rely on donations and community support.
Arrive as strangers - leave as friends